• Nutrition for Everyday Endurance

    Recreational and competitive athletes seek the right combination of nutrients to give them the everyday endurance needed to tackle their training schedule and busy day to achieve optimal health and performance.

    Runner's FUEL nutrition plans are based on an integrated approach that combines smart food and fluid choices, proper combination of nutrients, and key timing of intake that will give athletes the power required to meet the demands of training and everyday life. You don’t always have to change what you eat – just how you eat it.

We make it personal

Personalized nutrition plans can be general or tailored to a current training scheduled. Whether you are running a marathon or just running errands, there is a nutrition plan that will help anyone go the distance.
  • Not a Diet -Our program isn’t a diet; it’s a tool that teaches you how to eat to achieve optimal health and performance.
  • Proven Method -Based on the latest scientific research, our prove method guides you toward creating a balanced meal every time taking into account personal taste.
  • Learn How to build meals to enhance endurance and sustain a healthy lifestyle.


Weight Management
Faster Recovery
Improve Performance
Increase Stamina
Promote Immune Function

5 simple tips

For short duration (<60 minutes), low to moderate intensity activity, water is a good choice to drink before, during, and after exercise.
Sport drinks (6-8% carbohydrate) are good options for moderate to high intensity activity lasting longer than 60 minutes, especially when the goal includes replacing carbohydrate and electrolytes.
Include small amounts of protein in your pre-exercise meal(s). Protein helps build and repair muscle tissue. Adequate protein before exercise may help reduce post-exercise muscle soreness.
Optimal fuel blend: Nutrition during prolonged exercise requires the proper mix and timing of fluids, carbohydrate, and electrolytes. Too little fluid or too much carbohydrate can result in cramping and other intestinal problems.
Begin nutrition recovery with a snack or meal within 15-60 minutes following practice or competition. Along with carbohydrate, fluid, and electrolytes, protein is an important part of recovery.

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I did not start Runner's FUEL to lose weight, but to improve my time and optimize performance. I did just that ... I won masters and got a pr 1:38:47 half marathon!!
Paula Cole certified personal trainer, seasoned runner
Runner's Fuel makes it enjoyable to plan my meals. And I know if I follow that plan, I am giving my body exactly what it needs.
Jennifer Clark new mother
The Runners Fuel meal plan has given me the extra strength andconfidence to run a MARATHON. I could have never done this without the support of Runner’s Fuel.
Sheri Ezell mother and career women
Runner’s Fuel is a great bargain! Cheaper than Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig etc. ... and MORE EFFECTIVE! Plus you get to eat regulary food — nothing insane or hard to find!!
Heather Cochran-Smith self-proclaimed yo-yo-dieter
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